Eshericks has started his own production in 2006. Tokyo, Japan (July 2009) ? Eshericks is a DJ and producer from Japan who appeared out of the blue in 2008. Since his first release of a remix for Nuboy, a track titled "aWhat?" (en:vision recordings) in Europe and North America, he quickly worked his way up towards becoming one of the most sought?after producers stirring up the breaks community. The most notable thing about Eshericks is his unique approach to rebuilding and layering progressive synthesized sounds in his remixes while simultaneously complimenting the essence of the original track. Once you hear it, you will know it's Eshericks. He is currently signed with en:vision recordings, and will be releasing his first single featuring the amazing Kirsty Hawkshaw.

it is said that the actual brain might be the chinchilla shown on his myspace profile.

(written by Gee Daigo)


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